Mission Statement

The Kimberly Family Foundation is committed to supporting organizations and programs in Rutherford County and Middle Tennessee that work towards decreasing poverty, homelessness, and hunger. The Foundation strives to be a catalyst, facilitating and encouraging charitable giving that will change the community for good.


Our family started The Kimberly Family Foundation in 2016, with five siblings as the founding Board of Directors: Marti; Rich; Mindi; Mandi; and Scott. Our parents moved to Rutherford County in 2002 and the majority of our family still resides here. Together, the founding Board of Directors have six children living in Rutherford County and we are committed to making this community a better place for all.

Board of Directors

Scott Kimberly
Richard Kimberly, Jr.
Mindi Page
Mandi Benbow
Denise Kimberly